Photography Awards

2017 Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year!

Local Central Coast photographer, Jodie Andrews, came away from the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) on Saturday,  with a huge smile after earning the highest points in the Newborn Category, sponsored by Sigma, walking away with a 2 Gold Awards, a Silver Distinction and a Silver Award for her images.

On Monday night, at the Australian Professional Photography Awards  Gala Dinner,  Jodie Andrews was crowned the 2017 Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year –   The other finalists were Elizabeth Reeves (QLD) and Channon Williamson (WA).

Below Jodie’s  winning images entered in the APPA Awards competition.



Achievements for 2016:

At the end of 2015, I entered one of the most prestigious photography Competitions  in the world – the Hipa Awards.   Over 80,000 images were entered into the awards (32,712 competitors from 173 different countries) – after  numerous rounds / stages,  I finally received the following letter, stating that I had qualified for the finals!!!  Whilst I did not win a category to be named as a finalist was an extreme honour as there were so many amazing images!!



This year has been a little crazy for me and I didn’t  really had a chance to work on my Award images for the state awards but I did manage to get 3 Solid Silver awards at the AIPP NSW photography awards.

The AIPP APPA  awards (which are the national awards) were also judged in August this year and I received 2 Silver Awards and 2 Silver Distinction awards, accumulating enough points to qualify as a finalist for the Newborn Category, which was completely unexpected.

I also finally received my Associateship in photography for the AIPP Awards.


Achievements for 2015:

2 Silver Distinctions and 4 Silver awards in the Aipp NSW Photography Awards and Received my Associateship with WPPI Awards


Achievements for 2014:

Top 3 Finalist for 2014 AIPP NSW Family photographer of the Year Top 3 Finalist for 2014  AIPP NSW Creative photographer of the year 1 Gold Award – AIPP NSW Photography Awards 4 Silver Distinction Awards – AIPP NSW Photography Awards 3 Silver Awards AIPP NSW Photography Awards 1 Silver Distinction – 2014 APPA Awards (1 point off gold award!) 1 Silver – 2014 APPA Awards 5 Silvers – 2014 Second Half WPPI Awards   Below are just some of my images entered this year.