Photography Awards

2018 Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year

I am so excited to have been named 2018 Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year for the second time!   Its such a humbling experience to be judged by your peers and some of the most respected photographers in Australia.   With the 4 images that I entered into the APPA awards,  I received 2 Golds and 2 Silver awards.     I also received my Masters in Photography.

Finalists for this competition was Caroline Bowen (VIC) & Michelle Ardel (QLD).

2018 International Competitions


A friend encouraged me to enter an international competition, this year I entered the AsiaWPA Competition for the first time this year and was completely blown away by the results I received,  1st place & 2nd place in the First half Awards and 1st place in the Second half.   As a result I have been automatically entered in the Grand Competition in Hong Kong which will be announced in January 2019.    I also enter the WPPI (USA) Online competition and received 1st Place for the First half competition.

2017 Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year


Local Central Coast photographer, Jodie Andrews, came away from the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) on Saturday,  with a huge smile after earning the highest points in the Newborn Category, sponsored by Sigma, walking away with a 2 Gold Awards, a Silver Distinction and a Silver Award for her images.

On Monday night, at the Australian Professional Photography Awards  Gala Dinner,  Jodie Andrews was crowned the 2017 Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year –   The other finalists were Elizabeth Reeves (QLD) and Channon Williamson (WA).

Below Jodie’s  winning images entered in the APPA Awards competition.



Achievements for 2016:

At the end of 2015, I entered one of the most prestigious photography Competitions  in the world – the Hipa Awards.   Over 80,000 images were entered into the awards (32,712 competitors from 173 different countries) – after  numerous rounds / stages,  I finally received the following letter, stating that I had qualified for the finals!!!  Whilst I did not win a category to be named as a finalist was an extreme honour as there were so many amazing images!!



This year has been a little crazy for me and I didn’t  really had a chance to work on my Award images for the state awards but I did manage to get 3 Solid Silver awards at the AIPP NSW photography awards.

The AIPP APPA  awards (which are the national awards) were also judged in August this year and I received 2 Silver Awards and 2 Silver Distinction awards, accumulating enough points to qualify as a finalist for the Newborn Category, which was completely unexpected.

I also finally received my Associateship in photography for the AIPP Awards.


Achievements for 2015:

2 Silver Distinctions and 4 Silver awards in the Aipp NSW Photography Awards and Received my Associateship with WPPI Awards


Achievements for 2014:

Top 3 Finalist for 2014 AIPP NSW Family photographer of the Year Top 3 Finalist for 2014  AIPP NSW Creative photographer of the year 1 Gold Award – AIPP NSW Photography Awards 4 Silver Distinction Awards – AIPP NSW Photography Awards 3 Silver Awards AIPP NSW Photography Awards 1 Silver Distinction – 2014 APPA Awards (1 point off gold award!) 1 Silver – 2014 APPA Awards 5 Silvers – 2014 Second Half WPPI Awards   Below are just some of my images entered this year.