Improved Workflow for Photographers

Is your editing workflow a nightmare?  We can help you!

How does it work?

We will start with a skype / teamviewer consultation and discuss and assess your current workflow.    I will then create an action set based on your workflow remember this is your workflow.  Those repeated steps that you do every time on every image that can be simplified and streamlined.  If  I feel that your workflow doesn’t require refining there will be no charge.

Please remember, that the actions created are based on YOUR workflow not someone elses – all actions must have been purchased and not illegally  downloaded or “gifted” by another party.    Our service does not share actions or methods with third parties and all actions are not for re-sale.    I am happy to discuss a resale option but they must be 100% your own action and no copyright infringement.

Consultation and 1 Action for personal use only – $265 with additional actions $100 each  (*additional actions must be ordered at the same time of consult).

To book a consult email me at