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The Famous Twins – Marli and Summa | Central Coast Newborn Photography

Little did I know that when I was photographing these two little cherubs that they were going to be come famous overnight!!!!!!   Marli and Summa were absolute delights during their session and they kept giving me little smiles throughout the session but I NEVER expected that i would capture a photo of them both smiling at the same time.
6 hours after putting the sneak peek up on my website i received 1500+ hits and then it just kept on climbing.   At last check it was at 2699 likes!!! Which is phenomenal.    It wasn’t long the image was in the Central coast advocate and then picked up by the major news papers – Daily Telegraph, The Australian, Herald Sun and other papers.

And just now The Today Show aired the picture as well.

I am so overwhelmed with the support from my family, friends, clients and general people I dont’ know – i’m just amazed at how lucky my life is.   These beautiful twins have certainly given me plenty to smile about!!!!!

Below are just some of the photos from their session – I hope you enjoy!!

Links to articles

If you have see the image somewhere is let us know – There are reports it has been seen in a paper in London – if anyone has the link or a copy of the article that would be great!!.