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Newborn Workshops with Jodie Andrews

Jodie Andrews offers newborn photography workshops as either Group workshops which are held on specific dates or 1:1 mentoring which is held throughout the year.

Group workshops are limited to 5 students and are on location at our studio in Daleys point.
Costs are: $900 (AUD) (inc GST) for 1 Day workshop
Time: 9am to 5pm
Date: Saturday, 19th October 2013
Lunch provided

This workshop is aimed at beginners to intermediate photographers. We will be covering newborn basics, including safety, lenses, equipment, exposure and white balance. I will also be teaching my editing process.

I will be posing and showing you how to pose babies. You will not be handling newborns however you will be taking photos throughout the day and i will be reviewing your work and critiquing.

If time permits, I will also be happy to discuss pricing, marketing and packaging and any other questions you may have.

1:1 Mentoring for Intermediate to Advanced photographers – To attend 1:1 You should know how to use your camera.
Location: in Studio at Daleys Point
Costs are: $1895(AUD) (inc GST) for 1 Day workshop
Time: 9am to 5pm
Date: Subject to availability.
Lunch provided

Covering all of the above (as mentioned in group workshops). We will have 2 model babies arranged for the day. The first part of the day will be watching me pose the baby and learning my flow techniques and with the second baby you will be posing the baby with my assistance in positioning and guiding you in perfecting each of the poses. Then we will finish the day with editing & any other questions you have.

International & Interstate mentoring available as prices above + Flights & Accommodation.

*please note to attend any of our workshops you must be located outside a 150km radius of our studio at Daleys Point and you will be required to sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.